Caught In The Property Herd In 2017?

I want to share some high level insights for 2017 to make sure you don’t get caught in the Herd.

  1. Interest Rates – “The pivotal indicator to watch in 2017″
    • Rising rates will create widespread issues in the property market
    • To date low rates and increasing asset values have supported many loans
    • The CBA before Christmas followed the Bond Market Trent and increased rates, the CBA investment loan rates increased by 65 basis points
    • Higher interest rates for lending will have some significant effects on the heavily geared businesses and individuals in all sectors
    • We hope rates will stay low but be cautious if rates rise in 2017
  2. Bank Lending – “Equity and access to capital essential in 2017”
    • Banks’ lending to the mixed use residential development property market was slashed mid to late last year,
    • Banks insisted on higher levels of equity from property developers of which some could provide and other had to source alternate funds,
    • Banks shut off their lending to only but their core development clients
    • Banks black listed suburbs they considered to have too much residential high rise development exposure
  3. Property Investment returns continue to reduce
    • Capital growth and high yields are hard to find in property across all sectors in the last 12 months
    • Demand for property assets continues at all time high levels across all sectors
    • Look for long term value and follow key infrastructure investment

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