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Location: Penrith
Service: Tenant Representation

Freedom had a store network gap in the Penrith area and wanted to identify leasing opportunities that met their client brief.

Identify local leasing opportunities in new or existing developments, meeting Freedom’s brief.

Endeavour Property Advisory completed an assessment of the Penrith LFR market, which identified there was very limited available supply and it was likely any opportunity would be a new development.

Through our network, Endeavour Property Advisory identified a new development under construction, which was fully committed with signed lease proposals from other major tenants – c. 1800m2

Using our industry relationships, we were able to demonstrate the value of Freedom as a tenant and proceed and negotiate terms for a new deal and obtained a signed lease proposal, and subsequent lease.

In addition to any normal negotiation, we were able to achieve an additional $500,000 in incentive through a unique negotiation strategy, which we are happy to share with our clients verbally.